Digital Systems – Ronald J. Tocci – 10th Edition


Tocci and Widmer use a block diagram approach to basic logic operations, enabling readers to have a firm understanding of logic principles before they study the electrical characteristics of the logic ICs.

KEY TOPICS For each new device or circuit, the authors describe the principle of the operation, give thorough examples, and then show its actual application. An excellent reference on modern digital systems.

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  • Chapter 1:Introductory Concepts
    Chapter 2:Number Systems and Codes
    Chapter 3:Describing Logic Circuits
    Chapter 4:Combinational Logic Circuits
    Chapter 5:Flip-Flops and Related Devices
    Chapter 6:Digital Arithmetic: Operations and Circuits
    Chapter 7:Counters and Registers
    Chapter 8:Integrated-Circuit Logic Families
    Chapter 9:MSI Logic Circuits
    Chapter 10:Digital System Projects Using HDL
    Chapter 11:Interfacing with the Analog World
    Chapter 12:Memory Devices
    Chapter 13:Programmable Logic Device Architectures
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