Understandable Basic Statistics – Charles H. Brase, Corrinne P. Brase – 4th Edition


A condensed, streamlined version of the popular, widely used Understandable Statistics, 8/e, this text offers instructors an effective solution to teaching the essentials of statistics within a shorter time frame. Designed to help students overcome their apprehension about statistics, Understanding Basic Statistics, 4/e is a thorough, accessible text that demonstrates the applicability of statistics in the real world.

Student-friendly highlights of the Fourth Edition include solutions and key steps to odd-numbered problems, highlighted definitions, Expand Your Knowledge and Cumulative Review Problems, and a complete technology package with additional learning opportunities and skills-reinforcement exercises

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  • 1. Getting Started Focus Problem: Where Have all the Fireflies Gone?
    2. Organizing Data Focus Problem: Say it with Pictures
    3. Averages and Variation Focus Problem: The Educational Advantage
    4. Correlation and Regression Focus Problem: Changing Populations and Crime Rate
    5. Elementary Probability Theory Focus Problem: How Often Do Lie Detectors Lie?
    6. The Binomial Probability Distribution and Related Topics Focus Problem: Personality Preference Types: Introvert of Extrovert?
    7. Normal Curves and Sampling Distributions Focus Problem: Impulse Buying
    8. Estimation Focus Problem: Trick or Treat!!!
    9. Hypothesis Testing Focus Problem: Benford's Law: The Importance of Being No.1
    10. Inferences About Differences Focus Problem: The Trouble with Wood Ducks
    11. Additional Topics Using Inference Focus Problem: Stone Age Tools and Archaeology
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