Probability and Statistics for Engineers – Miller & Freund’s – 7th Edition


This text is rich in exercises and examples, and explores both elementary probability and basic statistics, with an emphasis on engineering and science applications. Much of the data have been collected from the author’s own consulting experience and from discussions with scientists and engineers about the use of statistics in their fields. In later chapters, the book emphasizes designed experiments, especially two-level factorial design.

For an introductory, one or two semester, sophomore-junior level course in Probability and Statistics or Applied Statistics for engineering, physical science, and mathematics students. Many data sets are drawn from author Richard Johnson’s own consulting activities as well as discussions with scientists and engineers about their statistical problems.

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  • 1. Introduction.
    2. Treatment of Data.
    3. Probability.
    4. Probability Distributions.
    5. Probability Densities.
    6. Sampling Distribution.
    7. Inferences Concerning Means.
    8. Inferences Concerning Variances.
    9. Inferences Concerning Proportions.
    10. Nonparametric Tests.
    11. Curve Fitting.
    12. Analysis of Variance.
    13. Factorial Experimentation.
    14. The Statistical Content of Quality—Improvement Programs.
    15. Applications to Reliability and Life Testing.
    Statistical Tables.
    Answers to Odd-Numbered Exercises.
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