Essentials of Statistics – Mario F. Triola – 5th Edition


Triola is passionate about the use of real data; using the most up-to-date information and including real data wherever possible to help students recognize the value of statistics in their everyday lives.

This Fifth Edition was written with several goals:

• To provide an abundance of new and interesting data sets; examples; and exercises.
• To foster personal growth of students through critical thinking; use of technology; collaborative work; and development of communication skills.
• To incorporate the latest and best methods used by professional statisticians.
• To include information personally helpful to students; such as the best job search methods and the importance of avoiding mistakes on résumés.
• To provide the largest and best set of supplements to enhance teaching and learning.

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  • 1. Introduction to Statistics
    1-1 Review and Preview
    1-2-Statistical Thinking and Critical Thinking
    1-3 Types of Data
    1-4 Collecting Sample Data

    2. Summarizing and Graphing Data
    2-1 Review and Preview
    2-2 Frequency Distributions
    2-3 Histograms
    2-4 Graphs that Enlighten and Graphs that Deceive

    3. Statistics for Describing, Exploring, and Comparing Data
    3-1 Review and Preview
    3-2 Measures of Center
    3-3 Measures of Variation
    3-4 Measures of Relative Standing & Boxplots

    4. Probability
    4-1 Review and Preview
    4-2 Basic Concepts of Probability
    4-3 Addition Rule
    4-4 Multiplication Rule: Basics
    4-5 Multiplication Rule: Complements and Conditional Probability
    4-6 Counting
    4-7 Probabilities Through Simulations (on CD-ROM)
    4-8 Bayes’ Theorem (on CD-ROM)

    5. Discrete Probability Distributions
    5-1 Review and Preview
    5-2 Probability Distributions
    5-3 Binomial Probability Distributions
    5-4 Parameters for Binomial Distributions

    6. Normal Probability Distributions
    6-1 Review and Preview
    6-2 The Standard Normal Distribution
    6-3 Applications of Normal Distributions
    6-4 Sampling Distributions and Estimators
    6-5 Central Limit Theorem
    6-6 Assessing Normality
    6-7 Normal as Approximation to Binomial

    7. Estimates and Sample Size
    7-1 Review and Preview
    7-2 Estimating a Population Proportion
    7-3 Estimating Population Mean
    7-4 Estimating Population Standard Deviation or Variance

    8. Hypothesis Testing
    8-1 Review and Preview
    8-2 Basics of Hypothesis Testing
    8-3 Testing a Claim About a Proportion
    8-4 Testing a Claim About a Mean
    8-5 Testing a Claim About a Standard Deviation or Variance

    9. Inferences from Two Samples
    9-1 Review and Preview
    9-2 Two Proportions
    9-3 Two Means: Independent Samples
    9-4 Two Dependent Samples (Matched Pairs)

    10. Correlation and Regression
    10-1 Review and Preview
    10-2 Correlation
    10-3 Regression
    10-4 Rank Correlation

    11. Chi-Square and Analysis of Variance
    11-1 Review and Preview
    11-2 Goodness-of-Fit
    11-3 Contingency Tables
    11-4 Analysis of Variance
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