The C++ Programming Lenguage – Bjarne Stroustrup – 3rd Edition


The third and “special” editions have been replaced by the fourth edition. For standard language and library problems; I recommend TC ++ PL4 over TC ++ PL3. However; the chapters on design and software problems in TC ++ PL3 have been left out of TC ++ PL4 to keep the page count more manageable.
The “special edition” is the hardcover version of the third edition. It differs from the first impressions of the third edition in approximately 1;000 corrections and clarifications; in two new appendices (just over 100 pages; also available online; see below); and by an improved index. The only difference between the current impressions of the special edition and the third edition is the cover (and the price difference implied by that stronger cover). See also my frequently asked questions.

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  • Preface
    Preface to Second Edition
    Preface Preface to First Edition

    Introductory Material:
    1 Notes to the Reader
    2 A Tour of C++
    3 A Tour of the Standard Library

    Part I: Basic Facilities
    4 Types and Declarations
    5 Pointers, Arrays, and Structures
    6 Expressions and Statements
    7 Functions
    8 Namespaces and Exceptions
    9 Source Files and Programs

    Part II: Abstraction Mechanisms
    10 Classes
    11 Operator Overloading
    12 Derived Classes
    13 Templates
    14 Exception Handling
    15 Class Hierarchies

    Part III: The Standard Library
    16 Library Organization and Containers
    17 Standard Containers
    18 Algorithms and Function Objects
    19 Iterators and Allocators
    20 Strings
    21 Streams
    22 Numerics

    Part IV: Design Using C++
    23 Development and Design
    24 Design and Programming
    25 Roles of Classes

    A The C++ Grammar
    B Compatibility
    C Technicalities
    D Locales
    E Standard-Library Exception Handling
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