Technical Mathematics with Calculus – Paul A. Calter, Michael A. Calter – 6th Edition


This textbook has been in constant use since 1980, and this edition represents the first major revision of this text since the second edition. It was time to select, make hard choices of material, polish, refine, and fill in where needed. Much has been rewritten to be even cleaner and clearer, new features have been introduced, and some peripheral topics have been removed.

The authors continue to provide real-world, technical applications that promote intuitive reader learning. Numerous fully worked examples and boxed and numbered formulas give students the essential practice they need to learn mathematics. Computer projects are given when appropriate, including BASIC, spreadsheets, computer algebra systems, and computer-assisted drafting. The graphing calculator has been fully integrated and calculator screens are given to introduce computations. Everything the technical student may need is included, with the emphasis always on clarity and practical applications.

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  • 1 Review of Numerical Computation
    2 Introduction to Algebra
    3 Simple Equations and Word Problems
    4 Functions
    5 Graphs
    6 Geometry
    7 Right Triangles and Vectors
    8 Oblique Triangles and Vectors
    9 Systems of Linear Equations
    10 Matrices and Determinants
    11 Factoring and Fractions
    12 Quadratic Equations
    13 Exponents and Radicals
    14 Radian Measure, Arc Length, and Rotation
    15 Trigonometric, Parametric, and Polar Graphs
    16 Trigonometric Identities and Equations
    17 Ratio, Proportion, and Variation
    18 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
    19 Complex Numbers
    20 Sequences, Series, and the Binomial Theorem
    21 Introduction to Statistics and Probability
    22 Analytic Geometry
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