Student´s Introduction to Mathematica – Bruce Torrence, Eve Torrence – 2nd Edition


The unique feature of this work is that it presents the concepts in an order that closely follows a standard mathematics curriculum; the book provides a brief introduction to aspects of the Mathematica Software program useful to students.

The second edition of this book was completely rewritten for Mathematica 6 software, including coverage of new dynamic interface elements, several hundred exercises, and a new chapter on programming.

This book can be used in a variety of courses, from precalculus to linear algebra. It is used as a supplemental text that will help bridge the gap between mathematics in the course and Mathematica. In addition to its use, of course, this book will serve as an excellent tutorial for those who wish to learn Mathematica and brush up on their mathematics at the same time.

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  • Preface
    1. Getting started
    2. Working with Mathematica
    3. Functions and their graphs
    4. Algebra
    5. Calculus
    6. Multivariable calculus
    7. Linear algebra
    8. Programming
    Solutions to exercises
  • Citation

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