SQL Injection Attacks and Defense – Justin Clarke – 1st Edition


SQL Injection is probably the number one problem for any server-side application, and this book unparalleled in its coverage. ”

The SQL injection represents one of the most dangerous and known security vulnerabilities, however, misunderstood on the Internet, largely because there is no central repository of information available for penetration testing, IT security consultants and professionals and developers Web / software to turn to for help.

SQL Injection Attacks and Defense, the second edition is the only book devoted exclusively to this long-standing but recently growing threat. This is the ultimate resource for understanding, searching, exploiting, and defending against this increasingly popular and particularly destructive type of Internet-based attack.

SQL Injection Attacks and Defense, Second Edition includes all the information currently known about these attacks and significant insight from your team of SQL injection experts, who tell you about: Edition includes all currently known information about these attacks and significant Insight from their team of SQL injection experts, who tell you about:

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  • *Understanding SQL Injection – Understand what it is and how it works
    *Find, confirm and automate SQL injection discovery
    *Tips and tricks for finding SQL injection within code
    *Create exploits for using SQL injection
    *Design apps to avoid the dangers these attacks
    *SQL injection on different databases
    *SQL injection on different technologies
    *SQL injection testing techniques
    *Case Studies
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