Cryptography and Data Security – Dorothy Robling – 1st Edition


This book provides a comprehensive and detailed look at information warfare: computer crime, cybercrime, and information terrorism. It describes attacks on information systems through theft, deception, or sabotage, and demonstrates the countermeasures being mounted to defeat these threats.

Focusing on the criminals and information terrorists whose depredations include information-based threats to nations, corporations, and individuals, Denning places cybercrime within a broader context, integrating the various kinds of information crime, and the countermeasures against it, into a methodology-based framework.

* Among the topics included are government use of information warfare for law enforcement investigations and for military and intelligence operations; also, the conflicts arising in the areas of free speech and encryption. The author discusses offensive information warfare, including acquisition of information, deceptive exploitation of information, and denial of access to information; and also addresses defensive information warfare, specifically, information security principles and practices.The book features coverage that is both broad and deep, illustrating cyberspace threats with real-world examples.

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  • 1. Introduction
    2. Encryption Algorithms
    3. Cryptographic Techniques
    4. Access Controls
    5. Information Flow Controls
    6. Inference Controls
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