Introduction to Graphics Communications for Engineers – Gary R. Bertoline – 4th Edition


Introduction to Graphics Communications for Engineers, Fourth Edition, is a concise introductory engineering drawing text, intended for use in technical drawing or engineering graphics courses at two- and four-year schools or other technology programs.

Powerful computers and CAD software are of little use to engineers who do not fully understand the fundamentals of graphics communication principles and 3-D modeling strategies, or do not possess a level of visualization ability. Because of this, Bertoline concentrates on the concepts and skills necessary to sketch and create 2-D drawings and 3-D CAD models.

A strong emphasis on design in industry is found throughout, reinforcing the real and practical ways that technical graphics skills are used by engineers.

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  • 1. Introduction to Graphics Communications
    2. Sketching and Text
    3. Section and Auxiliary Views
    4. Dimensioning and Tolerancing Practices
    5. Reading and Constructing Working Drawings
    6. Design and 3-D Modeling
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