Probability: Random Variables and Random Signal – Peyton Peebles – 4th Edition


The fourth edition of “Probability, Random Variables and Random Signal Principles” continues the success of previous editions with its concise introduction to probability theory for the junior-senior level course in electrical engineering. The book offers a careful, logical organization which stresses fundamentals and includes almost 900 student exercises and abundant practical applications for engineers to understand probability concepts.

The most important new material in this edition relates to discrete-time random processes and sequences, and other topics in the general area of digital signal processing, such as the DT linear system.

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  • 1 Probability
    2 The Random Variable
    3 Operations on one Random Variable--Expectation
    4 Multiple Random Variables
    5 Operations of Multiple Random Variables
    6 Random Processes-Temporal Characteristics
    7 Random Processes-Spectral Characteristics
    8 Linear Systems with Random Inputs
    9 Optimum Linear Systems
    10 Some Practical Applications of the Theory

    Appendix A Review of the Impulse Function
    Appendix B Gaussian Distribution Function
    Appendix C Useful Mathematical Quantities
    Appendix D Review of Fourier Transforms
    Appendix E Table of Useful Fourier Transforms
    Appendix F Some Probability Densities and Distributions
    Appendix G Some Mathematical Topics of Interest
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