Introduction to Probability and Statistics – William Mendenhall, Robert J. Beaver, Barbara M. Beaver – 14th Edition


Used by hundreds of thousands of students, INTRODUCTION TO PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS, Fourteenth Edition, blends proven coverage with new innovations to ensure you gain a solid understanding of statistical concepts–and see their relevance to your everyday life.

The new edition retains the text’s straightforward presentation and traditional outline for descriptive and inferential statistics while incorporating modern technology–including computational software and interactive visual tools–to help you master statistical reasoning and skillfully interpret statistical results. Drawing from decades of classroom teaching experience, the authors clearly illustrate how to apply statistical procedures as they explain how to describe real sets of data, what statistical tests mean in terms of practical application, how to evaluate the validity of the assumptions behind statistical tests, and what to do when statistical assumptions have been violated.

Statistics can be an intimidating course, but with this text you will be well prepared. With its thorough explanations, insightful examples, practical exercises, and innovative technology features, this text equips you with a firm foundation in statistical concepts, as well as the tools to apply them to the world around you.

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  • Chapter 1. Describing data with graphs
    Chapter 2. Describing data with numerical measures
    Chapter 3. Describing bivariate data
    Chapter 4. Probability and probability distributions
    Chapter 5. Several useful discrete distributions
    Chapter 6. The normal probability distribution
    Chapter 7. Sampling distributions
    Chapter 8. Large-sample estimation
    Chapter 9. Large-sample tests of hypotheses
    Chapter 10. Inference from small samples
    Chapter 11. The analysis of variance
    Chapter 12. Linear regression and correlation
    Chapter 13. Multiple regression analysis
    Chapter 14. Analysis of categorical data
    Chapter 15. Nonparametric statistics
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