Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists – Anthony J. Hayter – 4th Edition


PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS FOR ENGINEERS AND SCIENTISTS, Fourth Edition, continues the approach that has made previous editions successful. As a teacher and researcher at a premier engineering school, author Tony Hayter is in touch with engineers daily – and understands their vocabulary.

The result of this familiarity with the professional community is a clear and readable writing style that readers understand and appreciate, as well as high-interest, relevant examples and data sets that hold readers’ attention. A flexible approach to the use of computer tools includes tips for using various software packages as well as computer output (using MINITAB and other programs) that offers practice in interpreting output. Extensive use of examples and data sets illustrates the importance of statistical data collection and analysis for students in a variety of engineering areas as well as students in physics, chemistry, computing, biology, management, and mathematics.

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  • 1. Probability theory
    2. Random variables
    3. Discrete probability distributions
    4. Continuous probability distributions
    5. The normal distribution
    6. Descriptive statistics
    7. Statistical estimation and sampling distributions
    8. Inferences on a population mean
    9. Comparing two population means
    10. Discrete data analysis
    11. The analysis of variance
    12. Simple linear regression and correlation
    13. Multiple linear regression and nonlinear regression
    14. Multifactor experimental design and analysis
    15. Nonparametric statistical analysis
    16. Quality control methods
    17. Reliability analysis and life testing
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