Principles of Heat Transfer – Frank Kreith – 7th Edition


PRINCIPLES OF HEAT TRANSFER was first published in 1959, and since then it has grown to be considered a classic within the field, setting the standards for coverage and organization within all other Heat Transfer texts. The book is designed for a one-semester course in heat transfer at the junior or senior level, however, flexibility in pedagogy has been provided.

Following several recommendations of the ASME Committee on Heat Transfer Education, Kreith, Manglik, and Bohn present relevant and stimulating content in this fresh and comprehensive approach to heat transfer, acknowledging that in today’s world classical mathematical solutions to heat transfer problems are often less influential than computational analysis.

This acknowledgement is met with the emphasize that students must still learn to appreciate both the physics and the elegance of simple mathematics in addressing complex phenomena, aiming at presenting the principles of heat transfer both within the framework of classical mathematics and empirical correlations.

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  • Chapter 1: Basic Modes of Heat Transfer.
    Chapter 2: Heat Conduction.
    Chapter 3: Numerical Analysis of Heat Conduction.
    Chapter 4: Analysis of Convection Heat Transfer.
    Chapter 5: Natural Convection.
    Chapter 6: Forced Convection Inside Tubes and Ducts.
    Chapter 7: Forced Convection Over Exterior Surfaces.
    Chapter 8: Heat Exchanges.
    Chapter 9: Heat Transfer by Radiation.
    Chapter 10: Heat Transfer with Phase Change.

    Appendix 1: The International System of Units.
    Appendix 2: Date Tables.
    Appendix 3: Tridiagonal Matrix Computer Programs.
    Appendix 4: Computer Codes for Heat Transfer.
    Appendix 5: The Heat Transfer Literature. Index.
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