Physics 2: HSC Course – Andriessen, Pentland, Gaut, McKay & Tacon – 3rd Edition


The third edition of Physics 2 HSC Course is revised and updated to meet all the requirements of the amended Stage 6 Physics Syllabus. Written by a team of experienced Physics teachers, this text offers a complete resource with coverage of the core modules as well as three option modules: Quanta to Quarks, Astrophysics and Medical Physics.

An additional option topic, The Age of Silicon, is available on-line. Physics 2 HSC Course 3E is specifically designed for the New South Wales Course in Physics. It is a complete resource for students and teachers as it comprehensively covers the core modules of the Physics syllabus. Clearly written explanations together with a full range of practical activities at the end of each chapter provide effective learning resources for students.

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  • 1: Earth's Gravitational Field
    2: Launching Into Space
    3: Orbiting and Re-Entry
    4: Gravity in the Solar System
    5: Space and Time
    6: The Motor Effect and Dc Electric Motors
    7: Generating Electricity
    8: Generators and Power
    9: Ac Electric Motors
    10: Cathode Rays and the Development of Television
    11: The Photoelectric Effect and Black Body Radiation
    12: The Development and Application of Transistors
    13: Superconductivity
    14: Looking and Seeing
    15: Astronomical Measurement
    16: Binaries and Variables
    17: Star Lives
    18: The Use of Ultrasound in Medicine
    19: Electromagnetic Radiation as a Diagnostic Tool
    20: Radioactivity as a Diagnostic Tool
    21: Magnetic Resonance Imaging as a Diagnostic Tool
    22: The Atomic Models of Rutherford and Bohr
    23: Development of Quantum Mechanics
    24: Probing the Nucleus
    25: Nuclear Fission and other uses of Nuclear Physics
    26: Quarks and the Standard Model of Particle
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