The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook – Bobby Owsinski – 1st Edition


Secrets of the top recording engineers revealed at mixdown! Learn the evolution of mixing, regional mixing styles, the six elements of a mix, rules for arrangements and principles of building your mix! Learn the secrets of EQ and “magic frequencies” along with adding effects, EQ’ing reverbs, sonic layering of effects, calculating the delay time and much more!

This book extensively covers stereo mixing with an expansive chapter on mixing in 5.1 surround, where to build your mix from, and mixing tips and tricks for every genre of music and for adding effects. Plus, it includes an incredible third section filled with interviews with the top engineers in the field such as George Massenburg, Allen Sides, Bruce Swedien and over a dozen more!

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  • Part I Introduction
    1 Some Background
    2 Mix Preparation
    3 The Mechanics of Mixing
    4 The Balance Element - The Mixing Part of Mixing
    5 The Panorama Element - Placing the Sound in the Soundfield
    6 The Frequency Element ? Equalizing
    7 The Dimension Element - Adding Effects
    8 The Dynamics Element - Compression and Gates
    9 The Interest Element - The Key To Great Mixes
    10 Monitoring
    11 The Master Mix
    11 Mixing In The Box
    12 Mixing In Surround
    Part II The Interviews
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