Architectural Acoustics – Marshall Long – 1st Edition


Architectural Acoustics offers a comprehensive overview of acoustical science at a level suitable for either advanced undergraduate or introductory graduate courses in architectural design and architectural engineering. The text is organized according to how sound interacts with built structures, going from simple geometries through complex building structures. The book begins with a brief but useful history of architecture and the role of acoustics, as well as overview of human perception of, sound, and then progresses through topics ranging from acoustic measurement, noise metrics and environmental noise, to sound in enclosed spaces, sound transmission in buildings, vibration and vibration isolation, and noise in mechanical systems.

Architectural Acoustics also includes more advanced chapters on specific design problems, including treatment of multifamily dwellings, office buildings, sound reinforcement systems, rooms for music, multipurpose rooms, auditoriums, sanctuaries, and studios and listening rooms. Also covered is the theory loudspeaker systems and sound system modeling as well as in-depth presentation of computer modeling, ray tracing and auralization.

* Comprehensive guide to the basics of acoustical science and its applications to architectural design.
* Author is renowned expert engaged in acoustical engineering for 20 years
* Covers the latest environmental regulations and health and safety research related to sound inside and outside of buildings.

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  • Historical Introduction
    Fundamentals of Acoustics
    Human Perception and Reaction to Sound
    Acoustic Measurements and Noise Metrics
    Environmental Noise
    Wave Acoustics
    Sound and Solid Surfaces
    Sound in Enclosed Spaces
    Sound Transmission Loss
    Sound Transmission in Buildings
    Vibration and Vibration Isolation
    Noise Transmission in Floor Systems
    Noise in Mechanical Systems
    Sound Attenuation in Ducts
    Design and Construction of Multifamily Dwellings
    Design and Construction of Office Buildings
    Design of Rooms for Speech
    Sound Reinforcement Systems
    Design of Rooms for Music
    Design of Multipurpose Auditoria and Sanctuaries
    Design of Studios and Listening Rooms
    Acoustic Modeling, Ray Tracing, and Auralization
  • Citation

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