Acoustic Measurement – Leo L. Beranek – 1st Edition


ACOUSTICS. Leo L. Beranek. Source of practical acoustical concepts and theory, with information on microphones, loud-speakers and speaker enclosures, and room acoustics.

This is the book to get to learn about acoustics from one of its original founders of the science and engineering in the field. I prefer it to the later book jointly authored with Mellow but that is OK if you can’t get this earlier edition. Beranek is a good teacher and the ideas flow naturally, but succinctly. Equations are used only to inform, not intimidate.

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  • Preface
    1. Introduction and terminology
    2. The wave equation and solutions
    3. Electro-mechano-acoustical circuits
    4. Acoustic components
    5. Microphones
    6. Electrodynamic loudspeakers
    7. Loudspeaker systems
    8. Cellphone acoustics
    9. Horn loudspeakers
    10. Sound in enclosures
    11. Room design for loudspeaker listening
    12. Radiation and scattering of sound by the boundary value method
    13. Radiation and scattering of sound by the boundary integral method
    14. State variable analysis of circuits
    APPENDIX I Frequency-response shapes for Loudspeakers
    APPENDIX II Mathematical formulas
    APPENDIX III Conversion factors
    Design Summaries
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