Mechatronic Systems: Analysis, Design and Implementation – El-K´ebir Boukas, Fouad M. AL-Sunni – 1st Edition


This book is about the analysis; design and implementation of mechatronic systems. Classic and modern tools were developed for the analysis and design of these systems. Robust control; H-Infinity and guaranteed cost control theory are also used for the analysis and design of mechatronic systems. Different needs are used; such as status feedback; static output feedback and dynamic output feedback to stabilize mechatronic systems. Heuristic algorithms were used to solve the design of the classic controller; such as PID controls; phase advance; phase shift and phase advance; while linear matrix inequality (LMI) algorithms are used to find solutions to state feedback; feedback static and dynamic output Output feedback controllers.
The theory presented in the different chapters of the volume is applied to numerical examples to show the usefulness of the theoretical results. There are also some case studies to show how the concepts developed for a real system are faced. The emphasis is also placed on the real-time implementation of some real systems that we have developed in our mechatronic laboratory and all the details are required to give the reader an idea of ??how to implement their own mechatronic system. Mechatronic Systems: Analysis; Design and Implementation is an excellent textbook for undergraduate and graduate students in mechatronic systems and control theory and as a reference for academic researchers in control or mathematics with an interest in control theory. The reader should have completed first year postgraduate courses in control theory; linear algebra and linear systems. It will also be of great value to engineers who practice in fields where systems can be modeled by linear systems invariant over time.

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  • *Introduction
    *Mechatronic System
    *Transfer Function Aproaches
    *State Space Approaches
    *Advance Control
    *Case Studies
    *A C language tutorial
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