Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Sourcebook – Neil Sclater, Nicholas P. Chironis – 3rd Edition


The only reference of its kind, this sourcebook contains drawings and descriptions of more than 2000 different mechanisms and mechanical devices that have proven themselves in modern products, machines, and systems. This encyclopedic guide offers:

*An extensive pictorial directory of time-tested components, mechanisms, and devices that have applications in new designs and modifications.
*Illustrated technical articles summarizing important, expanding fields in mechanical, electromechanical, and mechatronic design and engineering.
*A source of historical information about mechanical components and devices that have participated in design solutions in the past and can be recycled for new designs, or will offer ideas that will inspire original concepts.

Whatever mechanical, electromechanical, or mechatronic device, product, or system you are designing or improving –motion-control components, appliances, machine tools, or spacecraft– you will find relevant illustrations and text in this book. Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Sourcebook is a must addition to your personal technical library.

*Provides an introduction to or refresher on the design and function of classical mechanical elements including bearings, belts, brakes, clutches, couplings, cranks, feeders, gears, genevas, joints, latches, linkages, pumps, screws, springs, and switches
*Key equations and charts for designing mechanisms
*Features a complete index, making it easy to find references to specific components, devices, mechanisms, and systems

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  • Chapter 1. Motion control systems
    Chapter 2. Robot mechanisms
    Chapter 3. Parts-handling mechanisms
    Chapter 4. Reciprocating and general-purpose mechanisms
    Chapter 5. Special-purpose mechanisms
    Chapter 6. Spring, bellow, flexure, screw, and ball devices
    Chapter 7. Cam, toggle, chain, and belt mechanisms
    Chapter 8. Geared systems and variable-speed mechanisms
    Chapter 9. Coupling, clutching, and braking devices
    Chapter 10. Torque-limiting, tensioning, and governing devices
    Chapter 11. Pneumatic and hydraulic machine and mechanism control
    Chapter 12. Fastening, latching, clamping, and chucking devices
    Chapter 13. Key equations and charts for designing mechanisms
    Chapter 14. New directions in machine design
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