Introductory Statistics – Neil A. Weiss – 9th Edition


This edition features the exact same content as the traditional text in a convenient, three-hole- punched, loose-leaf version. Books a la Carte also offer a great value–this format costs significantly less than a new textbook.

Weiss offers a comprehensive, traditional approach to introductory statistics, with a heavy emphasis on mathematical reasoning and critical thinking. Weiss’s meticulous style offers careful, detailed explanations to ease the learning process. More than 2,600 exercises involve real data from contemporary sources, which promotes active learning and develops readers’ ability to think critically with statistics.

Introductory Statistics, Ninth Edition, contains parallel presentation of critical-value and p-value approaches to hypothesis testing. This unique design allows both the flexibility to concentrate on one approach or the opportunity for greater depth in comparing the two. The text is suitable for a one- or two-semester course.

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  • Part I: Introduction

    1. The Nature of Statistics
    Part II: Descriptive Statistics
    2. Organizing Data
    3. Descriptive Measures
    Part III: Probability, Random Variables, and Sampling Distributions
    4. Probability Concepts
    5. Discrete Random Variables
    6. The Normal Distribution
    7. The Sampling Distribution of the Sample Mean
    Part IV: Inferential Statistics
    8. Confidence Intervals for One Population Mean
    9. Hypothesis Tests for One Population Mean
    10. Inferences for Two Population Means
    11. Inferences for Population Standard Deviations*
    12. Inferences for Population Proportions
    13. Chi-Square Procedures
    Part V: Regression, Correlation, and ANOVA
    14. Descriptive Methods in Regression and Correlation
    15. Inferential Methods in Regression and Correlation
    16. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

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