Engineering Materials Vol. 1 – Michael F. Ashby, David R. Jones – 3rd Edition


Widely adopted around the world, this is a core materials science and mechanical engineering text. Engineering Materials 1 gives a broad introduction to the properties of materials used in engineering applications. With each chapter corresponding to one lecture, it provides a complete introductory course in engineering materials for students with no previous background in the subject. Ashby & Jones have an established, successful track record in developing understanding of the properties of materials and how they perform in reality.

  • One of the best-selling materials properties texts; well known, well established and well liked
  • New student friendly format, with enhanced pedagogy including many more case studies, worked examples, and student questions
  • World-renowned author team
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  • Engineering materials and their properties
    Price and availability of materials
    Elastic moduli
    Bonding between atoms
    Packing of atoms in solids
    Physical basis of Young's modulus
    Case studies in modulus-limited design
    Yield strength, tensile strength and ductility
    Dislocations and yielding in crystals
    Strengthening methods and plasticity of polycrystals
    Continuum aspects of plastic flow
    Case studies in yield-limited design
    Fast fracture and toughness
    Micromechanisms of fast fracture
    Case studies in fast fracture
    Probalistic fracture of brittle materials
    Fatigue failure
    Fatigue design
    Case studies in fatigue failure
    Creep and creep fracture
    Kinetic theory of diffusion
    Mechanisms of creep and creep-resistant materials
    The turbine blade - case studies in creep-limited design
    Oxidation and corrosion
    Oxidation of materials
    Case studies in dry oxidation
    Wet corrosion of materials
    Case studies in wet corrosion
    Friction and wear
    Case studies in friction and wear
    Design with materials
    Final case study - materials and energy in car design
    Appendices - Symbols and Formulae
    Complete solutions manual
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