Device Electronics for Integrated Circuits – R. Muller, T. Kamins – 3rd Edition


Focusing specifically on silicon devices, the Third Edition of Device Electronics for Integrated Circuits takes students in integrated-circuits courses from fundamental physics to detailed device operation. Because the book focuses primarily on silicon devices, each topic can include more depth, and extensive worked examples and practice problems ensure that students understand the details.

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  • Semiconductor Electronics.
    Silicon Technology.
    Metal-Semiconductor Contacts.
    pn Junctions.
    Currents in pn Junctions.
    Bipolar Transistors I: Basic Properties.
    Bipolar Transistors II: Limitations and Models.
    Properties of the Metal-Oxide-Silicon System.
    Mos Field-Effect Transistors I: Physical Effects and Models.
    Mos Field-Effect Transistors II: High-Field Effects.
    Answers to Selected Problems.
    Selected List of Symbols.
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