Electronic Devices and Circuits – K. Lal Kishore – 1st Edition


This book is written in a simple lucid language along with derivation of equations and supported by numerous solved problems to help the student to understand the concepts clearly. Advances in Miniaturisation of Electronic Systems by ever increasing packaging densities on Integrated Circuits has made it very essential for thorough knowledge of the concepts, phenomenon, characteristics and behaviour of semiconductor devices for students and professionals.


  • Specifications of different devices, colour codes, typical values of resistor and capacitors, circuit symbols, unit conversion factors are provided.
  • Objective Type Questions and Conceptual Questions with answers are provided at the end of each chapter.
  • Appendices containing practical aspects of Electronic Components are given.
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  • 1. Electron Dynamics and CRO
    2. Junction Diode Characteristics
    3. Rectifiers, Filters and Regulators
    4. Transistor and FET Characteristic
    5. Transistor Biasing and Stabilization
    6. Amplifiers
    7. Feedback Amplifiers
    8. Oscillators
  • Citation

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