Calculus with Analytic Geometry – Earl Swokowski – 2nd Edition


The infinitesimal calculus is the branch of mathematics whose main objective is the study of movement and change. It is an indispensable tool of thought in almost all fields of pure and applied sciences: in physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, geology, engineering and even in some of the social sciences. It also has many important uses in other parts of mathematics, especially geometry.

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  • 1. The functions and their graphs
    2. Limits of functions
    3. The derivative
    4. Extreme values and antiderivatives
    5. The definite integral
    6. The application of the definite integral
    7. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
    8. Other important functions
    9. Methods of integration
    10. Unspecified forms, improper integrals and Taylor formulas
    11. Infinite Series
    12. Selected themes of analytical geometry
    13. Flat curves and polar coordinates
    14. Vectors and Surfaces
    15. Vector Functions
    16. Partial Derivatives
    17. Multiple Integrals
    18. Vector calculus
    19. Differential Equations


    I. Mathematical induction
    II. Theorems on limits
    III. Boards
    IV. Tables of integrals
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