Calculus Early Transcendentals – Howard Anton, Irl Bivens, Stephen Davis – 10th Edition


Calculus Early Transcendentals, 10e continues to evolve to fulfill the needs of a changing market by providing flexible solutions to teaching and learning needs of all kinds.

Calculus, 10e excels in increasing student comprehension and conceptual understanding of the mathematics. The new edition retains the strengths of earlier editions: e.g., Anton’s trademark clarity of exposition; sound mathematics; excellent exercises and examples; and appropriate level, while incorporating new ideas that have withstood the objective scrutiny of many skilled and thoughtful instructors, and their students.

New To This Edition
* Exercise Sets: New true/false exercises and new expository writing exercises have been added.

* Making Connections: Contains a select group of exercises that draw on ideas developed in the entire chapter rather than focusing on a single section as with the regular exercise sets.

* Centroids and Center of Gravity: A new section on centroids and center of gravity in two dimensions is now included. (Chapter 6)

* Visualization: Illustrations make extensive use of modern computer graphics to clarify concepts and to develop the student’s ability to visualize mathematical objects, particularly those in 3-space. For students working with graphing technology, many exercises develop the ability to generate and analyze mathematical curves and surfaces.

* New Chapter 0: The precalculus review material from Chapter 1 is now in Chapter 0, a chapter which focuses exclusively on the preliminary topics that students need to start the calculus course.

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  • 0 Before Calculus
    1 Limits And Continuity
    2 The Derivative
    3 Topics In Differentiation
    4 The Derivative In Graphing And Applications
    5 Integration
    6 Applications Of The Definite Integral In Geometry, Science, And Engineering
    7 Principles Of Integral Evaluation
    8 Mathematical Modeling With Differential Equations
    9 Infinite Series
    10 Parametric And Polar Curves; Conic Sections
    11 Three-Dimensional Space; Vectors
    12 Vector-Valued Functions
    13 Functions Of Two Or More Variables
    14 Multiple Integrals
    15 Topics In Vector Calculus
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