Calculus of a Single Variable – Ron Larson, Bruce H. Edwards – 9th Edition


This book by Larson turns 35 years of being a classic. So over the years the aim of the authors has always been to accurately and legibly write down fundamental concepts of calculation, clearly defined and demonstrated.

It offers features and materials that develop the skills of all types of students and as for teachers, provides a comprehensive teaching instrument that employs proven pedagogical techniques, and is given the freedom to use the time in the classroom more efficiently. class.

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  • Chapter P Preparation for calculation
    Chapter 1 Limits and their properties
    Chapter 2 Derivation
    Chapter 3 Derivative Applications
    Chapter 4 Integration
    Chapter 5 Logarithmic, exponential and other transcendent functions
    Chapter 6 Differential Equations
    Chapter 7 Applications of the integral
    Chapter 8 Integration techniques, L¿Hôpital rule and improper integrals
    Chapter 9 Endless series

    Appendix A Demonstration of some theorems
    Appendix B Integration tables Solutions of odd-numbered exercises
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