Calculus: Single Variable – Carl V. Lutzer, H. T. Goodwill – Preliminary Edition


Are your students truly mastering the language of Calculus? Do they learn the “pieces” but struggle to visualize the complete picture? John Wiley & Sons, Inc. is pleased to announce the publication of a new textbook that will change the way your students learn Calculus.

Through lively explanations of central ideas reinforced by real-world examples and applications, Lutzer/Goodwill’s Calculus teaches your students to think mathematically. The text reinforces the material with ample exercise sets, ranging from pure skill to more conceptual questions. By blending traditional and conceptual methods, Calculus empowers students to synthesize the parts into a whole and fosters an intuitive sense for applying the concepts to their future careers.

Lutzer/Goodwill’s Calculus is available with WileyPLUS, an online teaching and learning environment initially developed for calculus and differential equations courses. WileyPLUS integrates the complete digital textbook with powerful student and instructor resources as well as online auto-graded homework.

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  • Chapter 1: Tools of the Trade.
    Chapter 2: Limits and Continuity.
    Chapter 3: The Derivative.
    Chapter 4: Applications of the Derivative.
    Chapter 5: Integration.
    Chapter 6: Techniques of Integration.
    Chapter 7: Applications of Integration.
    Chapter 8: Sequences and Series.
    Chapter 9: Parametric Curves, Polar Coordinates, and Complex Numbers.
    Chapter 10: Differential Equations.
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