Calculus. The Classic Edition Vol.1 – Earl W. Swokowski, Jeffery A. Cole – 1st Edition


This edition of Swokowski’s text is truly as its name implies: a classic. Groundbreaking in every way when first published, this book is a simple, straightforward, direct calculus text. It’s popularity is directly due to its broad use of applications, the easy-to-understand writing style, and the wealth of examples and exercises which reinforce conceptualization of the subject matter.

The author wrote this text with three objectives in mind. The first was to make the book more student-oriented by expanding discussions and providing more examples and figures to help clarify concepts. To further aid students, guidelines for solving problems were added in many sections of the text.

The second objective was to stress the usefulness of calculus by means of modern applications of derivatives and integrals. The third objective, to make the text as accurate and error-free as possible, was accomplished by a careful examination of the exposition, combined with a thorough checking of each example and exercise.

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  • Chapter 1: Precalculus review
    Chapter 2: Limits of functions
    Chapter 3: The derivate
    Chapter 4: Applications of the derivate
    Chapter 5: Integrals
    Chapter 6: Applications of the definite integral
    Chapter 7: Logarithmic and exponential functions
    Chapter 8: Trigonometric and hyperbolic functions
    Chapter 9: Techniques of integration
    Chapter 10: Indeterminate forms and improper integrals
    Chapter 11: Infinite series
    Chapter 12: Topics from analytic geometry
    Chapter 13: Plane curves and polar coordinates
    Chapter 14: Vectors and surfaces
    Chapter 15: Vector-valued functions
    Chapter 16: Partal differentiation
    Chapter 17: Multiple integrals
    Chapter 18: Vector calculus
    Chapter 19: Differential equations
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