Calculus with Applications – Lial, Greenwell, Ritchey – 8th Edition


Widely known for incorporating interesting, relevant, and realistic applications, this text offers many real applications citing current data sources. There are a wide variety of opportunities for use of technology, allowing for increased visualization and a better understanding of difficult concepts. MyMathLab, a complete online course, will be available with this text. For the first time, a comprehensive series of lectures on video will be available.

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  • R. Algebra Reference.
    1. Linear Functions.
    2. Nonlinear Functions.
    3. The Derivative.
    4. Calculating the Derivative.
    5. Graphs and the Derivative.
    6. Applications of the Derivative.
    7. Integration.
    8. Further Techniques and Applications of Integration.
    9. Multivariable Calculus.
    10. Differential Equations.
    11. Probability and Calculus.
    12. Sequences and Series.
    13. The Trigonometric Functions.
  • Citation

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