CakePHP a Rapid Development Framework – John Anderson – 1st Edition


This manual is written for people who want to build web applications faster and more enjoyably. CakePHP aims to assist PHP users of all levels to create robust, maintainable applications quickly and easily.

This manual expects a basic knowledge of PHP and HTML. A familiarity with the ModelView-Controller programming pattern is helpful, but we’ll cover that along the way for those new to MVC. While this work will attempt to aid the reader in configuring and troubleshooting their webserver, a full coverage of such issues is outside the scope of this manual.

Rudimentary knowledge in first aid (CPR), basic survival skills, dating & relationships is also generally recommended, though also outside the scope of this document.

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  • 1. Introduction to CakePHP
    2. Basic Concepts
    3. Installing CakePHP
    4. Configuration
    5. Scaffolding
    6. Models
    7. Controllers
    9. Helpers
    10. Cake's Global Constants And Functions
    11. Data Validation
    12. Access Control Lists
    13. Data Sanitization
    14. The Cake Session Component
    15. The Request Handler Component
    16. The Security Component
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