Beginning C++: Game Programming – Michael Dawson – 1st Edition


When it comes to game programming, C++ is the name of the game. If you aspire to move from game player to game creator, it all starts with learning the fundamentals of C++ and game-programming basics. With BEGINNING C++ THROUGH GAME PROGRAMMING, you will find an up-to-date and thorough introduction to everything you need to get started—with no previous programming experience required.

In the new fourth edition of this popular guide to learning C++, you will work with a complete program while learning each new concept and a game program at the end of each chapter. A final game project at the end of the book draws together everything you’ve learned. Written with the beginning programmer in mind, BEGINNING C++ THROUGH GAME PROGRAMMING, is a great way to get started in game programming.

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  • Introduction.
    1. Types, Variables, and Standard I/O: Lost Fortune.
    2. Truth, Branching, and the Game Loop.
    3. For Loops, Strings, and Arrays: Word Jumble.
    4. The Standard Template Library: Hangman.
    5. Functions: Mad Lib.
    6. References: Tic-Tac-Toe.
    7. Pointers: Tic-Tac-Toe 2.0 .
    8. Classes: Critter Caretaker.
    9. Advanced Classes and Dynamic Memory.
    10. Inheritance and Polymorphism: Blackjack.
    Appendix A: Creating Your First C++ Program.
    Appendix B: Operator Precedence.
    Appendix C: Keywords.
    Appendix D: ASCII Chart.
    Appendix E: Escape Sequences.
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