Transformer Design Principles – Robert M. Del Vicchio – 2nd Edition


Updating and reorganizing the valuable information in the first edition to enhance logical development, Transformer Design Principles: With Applications to Core-Form Power Transformers, Second Edition remains focused on the basic physical concepts behind transformer design and operation.

Starting with first principles, this book develops the reader’s understanding of the rationale behind design practices by illustrating how basic formulae and modeling procedures are derived and used.

The models, formulae, and methods illustrated in this book cover the crucial electrical, mechanical, and thermal aspects that must be satisfied in transformer design. The text also provides detailed mathematical techniques that enable users to implement these models on a computer.

The authors take advantage of the increased availability of electromagnetic 2D and 3D finite element programs, using them to make calculations, especially in conjunction with the impedance boundary method for dealing with eddy current losses in high-permeability materials such as tank walls.

Although the book’s focus is on power transformers, the transformer circuit models presented can be used in electrical circuits, including large power grids. In addition to the standard transformer types, the book explores multi-terminal transformer models, which allow complicated winding interconnections and are often used in phase shifting and rectifying applications. With its versatile coverage of transformers, this book can be used by practicing design and utility engineers, students, and anyone else who requires knowledge of design and operational characteristics.

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  • Preface
    1. Introduction
    2. Magnetism and Related Core Issues
    3. Circuit Model of a Two-Winding Transformer with Core
    4. Reactance and Leakage Reactance Calculations
    5. Phasors, Three-Phase Connections, and Symmetrical Components
    6. Fault Current Analysis
    7. Phase-Shifting and Zig-Zag Transformers
    8. Multiterminal Three-Phase Transformer Model
    9. Rabins’ Method for Calculating Leakage Fields, Leakage Inductances, and Forces in Transformers
    10. Mechanical Design
    11. Electric Field Calculations
    12. Capacitance Calculations
    13. Voltage Breakdown and High-Voltage Design
    14. Losses
    15. Thermal Design
    16. Load Tap Changers
    17. Miscellaneous Topics
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