Signals and Systems: Analysis Using Transform Methods & MATLAB – M. J. Roberts – 2nd Edition


The second edition of Signals and Systems: Analysis Using Transform Methods and MATLAB® has been extensively updated while retaining the emphasis on fundamental applications and theory that has been the hallmark of this popular text. The text includes a wealth of exercises, including drill exercises, and more challenging conceptual problems. The book is intended to cover a two-semester course sequence in the basics of signals and systems analysis during the junior or senior year.

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  • Preface

    Chapter 1 Introduction
    Chapter 2 Mathematical Description of Continuous-Time Signals
    Chapter 3 Discrete-Time Signal Description
    Chapter 4 Description of Systems
    Chapter 5 Time-Domain System Analysis
    Chapter 6 Continuous-Time Fourier Methods
    Chapter 7 Discrete-Time Fourier Methods
    Chapter 8 The Laplace Transform
    Chapter 9 The z Transform
    Chapter 10 Sampling and Signal Processing
    Chapter 11 Frequency Response Analysis
    Chapter 12 Communication System Analysis
    Chapter 13 Laplace System Analysis
    Chapter 14 z-Transform System Analysis
    Chapter 15 Filter Analysis and Design
    Chapter 16 State-Space Analysis


    Appendix A Useful Mathematical Relations
    Appendix B Continuous-Time Fourier Series Pairs
    Appendix C Discrete Fourier Transform Pairs
    Appendix D Continuous-Time Fourier Transform Pairs
    Appendix E Discrete-Time Fourier Transform Pairs
    Appendix F Tables of Laplace Transform Pairs
    Appendix G z Transform Pairs
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