Quantum Physics – Stephen Gasiorowicz – 3rd Edition


Gasiorowicz is a first-class researcher in quantum physics, and in this work he presents the concepts and theory of quantum physics, since the publication of the first edition, more than 35 years ago, quantum physics has been one of the standard texts of quantum mechanics for undergraduate physics students.

It stands out for the clear and concise presentation of concepts, and a balance between theory and applications. In this third edition, the author has made changes based on the feeding of numerous teachers and students, to improve the strengths of the book.

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  • Chapter 1: The Emergence of Quantum Physics
    Chapter 2: Wave-Particle Duality, Probability and the Schrodinger Equation
    Chapter 3: Eigenvalues, Eigenfunctions and the Expansion Postulate
    Chapter 4: One Dimensional Potentials
    Chapter 5: The General Structure of Wave Mechanics
    Chapter 6: Operator Methods in Quantum Mechanics
    Chapter 7: Angular Momentum
    Chapter 8: The Schrodinger Equation in Three Dimensions and the Hydrogen Atom
    Chapter 9: Matrix Representation of Operators
    Chapter 10: Spin
    Chapter 11: Time-Independent Perturbation Theory
    Chapter 12: The Real Hydrogen Atom
    Chapter 13: Many-Particle Systems
    Chapter 14: About Atoms and Molecules
    Chapter 15: Time Dependent Perturbation Theory
    Chapter 16: The Interaction of Charged Particles with the Electromagnetic Field
    Chapter 17: Radiative Decays
    Chapter 18: Selected Topics on Radiation
    Chapter 19: Collision Theory
    Chapter 20: Entanglement and Its Implications
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