Public Finance – Harvey S. Rosen – 7th Edition


“Harvey S. Rosen introduces readers to the latest research in Public Finance. With highlights from the Bush administration, updates to tax laws, and discussions of up-to-date examples, Rosen’s approach encompasses important revisions to the Seventh Edition, with current changes to government policy.”

Additional revisions to the Seventh Edition include new discussions regarding estate, pollution, corporate, and personal income taxes, savings issues, and corporate scandals. Principles, problems, and policies of federal taxation, expenditures, debt, budgeting, and fiscal policy. Examines potential role of government fiscal policy in a market economy. Includes some review of economic theory, benefit-cost analysis, revenues, expenditures, fiscal federalism and the impact of implementing fiscal policy.

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  • Part 1 Getting Started
    1. Introduction
    2. Tools of Positive Analysis
    3. Tools of Normative Analysis

    Part 2 Analysis of Public Expenditure
    4. Public Goods
    5. Externalities
    6. Political Economy
    7. Income Redistribution, Conceptual Issues
    8. Expenditure Programs for the Poor
    9. Social Insurance I: Social Security and Unemployment Insurance
    10. Social Insurance II
    11. Cost-Benefit Analysis

    Part 3 A Framework for Tax Analysis
    12. Taxation and Income Distribution
    13. Taxation and Efficiency
    14. Efficient and Equitable Taxation

    Part 4 The United States Revenue System
    15. The Personal Income Tax
    16. Personal Taxation and Behavior
    17. The Corporation Tax
    18. Deficit Finance
    19. Taxes on Consumption and Wealth

    Part 5 Multigovernment Public Finance
    20. Public Finance in a Federal System
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