Programming with Java – E. Balagurusamy – 3rd Edition


Java is yet another computer language but with a difference. It is the only language that is purely object-oriented. It is a secure language, making it well-suited for Internet programming. One of the important reasons for Java’s success, apart from its object-orientation, is the amazing functionality it adds to the World Wide Web.

This book by Balagurusamy, comprehensively covers all aspects of Java language. Beginning with an introduction to the language and its relationship with the Internet and World Wide Web, it explores Java’s object¬ oriented features, and then moves on to discuss advanced topics that are unique to Java. The concept of learning by example has been stressed throughout the book.

The content-organization of the book, Balagurusamy – Programming with Java: A Primer, 3/e, is for novice as well as experienced programmers. It covers virtually all the topics that are required for a sound knowledge of JAVA Programming.

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  • 1. Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming
    2. JAVA Evolution
    3. Overview of JAVA Language
    4. Constants, Variables, and Data Types
    5. Operators and Expressions
    6. Decision Making and Branching
    7. Decision Making and Looping
    8. Classes, Objects and Methods
    9. Arrays, Strings and Vectors
    10. Interfaces: Multiple Inheritance
    11. Packages: Putting Classes Together
    12. Multithreaded Programming
    13. Managing Errors and Exceptions
    14. Applet Programming
    15. Graphics Programming
    16. Managing Input/Output Files in JAVA
    17. Assertion and Design by Contract
    18. JAVA Collections

    Appendix A : JAVA Language Reference
    Appendix B : JAVA Keywords
    Appendix C : Differences Between JAVA and C/C++
    Appendix D : Bit-Level Programming
    Appendix E : JAVA API Packages
    Appendix F : Java Classes and Their Packages
    Appendix G : What's New in Java 1.1 and Java 2
    Appendix H : Deprecated Classes and Methods
    Appendix I : Statistics of Java Packages
    Appendix J : S C J P Exams Model Questions
    Appendix K : Points to Remember
    Appendix L :Common Coding Errors
    Appendix L :Glossary of JAVA Terms

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