Problems and Solutions on Optics – Bai Gui-ru, Guo Guang-can, Lim Yung-kuo – 1st Edition


The material for these volumes has been selected from the past twenty years’ examination questions for graduate students at University of California at Berkeley, Columbia University, the University of Chicago, MIT, State University of New York at Buffalo, Princeton University and University of Wisconsin.

Solving problems in course work is an exercise of the mental faculties and examination problems are usually chosen from, or set similar to, such problems. Working out problems is thus an essential and important aspect of the study of physics The series on Problems and Solutions in Physics comprises seven volumes and is the result of months of work of a number of Chinese physicists.The subjects of the volumes and the respective coordinators.

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  • Part I Newtonian Mechanics
    1. Dynamics of a Point Mass (1001-1108)
    2. Dynamics of a System of Point Masses (1109-1144)
    3. Dynamics of Rigid Bodies (1145-1223)
    4. Dynamics of Deformable Bodies (1224-1272)

    Part II Analytical Mechanics
    1. Lagrange’s Equations (2001-2027)
    2. Small Oscillations (2028-2067)
    3. Hamilton’s Canonical Equations 12068-2084)

    Part III Special Relativity
    Special Relativity (3001- 3054)

    Index to Problems
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