Handbook of Optics – Michael Bass, Virendra N. Mahajan – 3rd Edition


Prepared under the auspices of the Optical Society of America, the five carefully architected and cross-referenced volumes of the Handbook of Optics, Third Edition, contain everything a student, scientist, or engineer requires to actively work in the field. From the design of complex optical systems to world-class research and development methods, this definitive publication provides unparalleled access to the fundamentals of the discipline and its greatest minds.

Individual chapters are written by the world’s most renowned experts who explain, illustrate, and solve the entire field of optics. Each volume contains a complete chapter listing for the entire Handbook, extensive chapter glossaries, and a wealth of references. This pioneering work offers unprecedented coverage of optics data, techniques, and applications.

Volume II covers design, fabrications, testing, sources, detectors, radiometry, and photometry.

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  • Part 1: Design
    Chapter 1. Techniques of First-Order Layout (Warren J. Smith)
    Chapter 2. Aberration Curves in Lens Design (Donald C. O’Shea and Michael E. Harrigan)
    Chapter 3. Optical Design Software (Douglas C. Sinclair)
    Chapter 4. Optical Specifications (Robert R. Shannon)
    Chapter 5. Tolerancing Techniques (Robert R. Shannon)
    Chapter 6. Mounting Optical Components (Paul R. Yoder, Jr.)
    Chapter 7. Control of Stray Light (Robert P. Breault)
    Chapter 8. Thermal Compensation Techniques (Philip J. Rogers and Michael Roberts)

    Part 2: Fabrication
    Chapter 9. Optical Fabrication (Michael P. Mandina)
    Chapter 10. Fabrication of Optics by Diamond Tuning (Richard L. Rhorer and Chris J. Evans)

    Part 3: Testing
    Chapter 11. Orthonormal Polynomials in Wavefront Analysis (Virendra N. Mahajan)
    Chapter 12. Optical Metrology (Zacarias Malacara and Daniel Malacara-Hernandez
    Chapter 13. Optical Testing (Daniel Malacara-Hernandez)
    Chapter 14. Use of Computer-Generated Holograms in Optical Testing (Katherine Creath and James C. Wyant)

    Part 4: Sources
    Chapter 15. Artificial Sources (Anthony LaRocca)
    Chapter 16. Lasers (William T. Silfvast)
    Chapter 17. Light-Emitting Diodes (Roland H. Haitz, M. George Craford, and Robert H. Weissman)
    Chapter 18. High-Brightness Visible LEDs (Winston V. Schoenfeld)
    Chapter 19. Semiconductor Lasers (Pamela L. Derry, Luis Figueroa, and Chi-Shain Hong)
    Chapter 20. Ultrashort Optical Sources and Applications
    Chapter 21. Attosecond Optics (Zenghu Chang)
    Chapter 22. Laser Stabilization (John L. Hall, Matthew S. Taubman, and Jun Le)
    Chapter 23. Quantum Theory of the Laser (James A. Bergou, Berthold-Georg Englert, Melvin Lax, Marian O. Scully, Herbert Walther, and M. Suhail Zubairy)

    Part 5: Detectors
    Chapter 24. Photodetectors (Paul R. Norton)
    Chapter 25.Photodetection (Abhay M. Joshi and Gregory H. Olsen)
    Chapter 26. High-Speed Photodetectors (J. E. Bowers and Y. G. Wey)
    Chapter 27. Signal Detection and Analysis (John R. Willison)
    Chapter 28. Thermal Detectors (William L. Wolfe and Paul W. Kruse)

    Part 6: Imaging Detectors
    Chapter 29. Photographic Films (Joseph H. Altman; Chapter 30. Photographic Materials (John D. Baloga); Chapter 31. Image Tube Intensified Electronic Imaging (C. Bruce Johnson and Larry D. Owen)
    Chapter 32. Visible Array Detectors (Timothy J. Tredwell)
    Chapter 33. Infrared Detector Arrays (Lester J. Kozlowski)

    Part 7: Radiometry and Photometry
    Chapter 34. Radiometry and Photometry; Chapter 35. Measurement of Transmission, Absorption, Emission, and Reflection (James M. Palmer)
    Chapter 36.Radiometry and Photometry: Units and Conversions (James M. Palmer)
    Chapter 37. Radiometry and Photometry for Vision Optics (Yoshi Ohno)
    Chapter 38. Spectroradiometry (Carolyn J. Sher DeCusatis)
    Chapter 39. Nonimaging Optics: Concentration and Illumination (William Cassarly)
    Chapter 40. Lighting and Applications (Anurag Gupta and R. John Koshel)
  • Citation
    • Full Title: Handbook of Optics
    • Author/s:
    • ISBN-10: 0071498907
    • ISBN-13: 9780071498906
    • Edition: 3rd Edition
    • Topic: Physics
    • Subtopic: Optics
    • Volumen: Volume II: Design; Fabrication and Testing; Sources and Detectors; Radiometry and Photometry
    • File Type: eBook
    • Idioma: English

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