Modern Control Systems – Katsuhiko Ogata – 5th Edition


This new edition of Modern Control Engineering offers full coverage of the continuous-time control systems that all top-level students must have, including the frequency response approach, root location approach, and space of state approximation to the analysis and design of control systems.
  The text provides for a gradual development of control theory, shows how to solve all calculation problems with MATLAB, and avoids highly mathematical arguments. A lot of examples and problems worked appear in the text. Thus, this text is ideal for engineers’ control systems.

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  • Chapter 1 Introduction to control systems
    Chapter 2 The Laplace transform
    Chapter 3 Mathematical model of linear systems
    Chapter 4 Analysis of the transient response
    Chapter 5 Basic control and response actions of control systems
    Chapter 6 Analysis of the root locus
    Chapter 7 Design of control systems using the root locus method
    Chapter 8 Analysis of the frequency response
    Chapter 9 Design of control systems using the frequency response
    Chapter 10 PID controls and introduction to robust control
    Chapter 11 Analysis of control systems in the space of states
    Chapter 12 Designing Control Systems in the Statespace
    Chapter 13 Liapunov stability analysis and quadratic optimal control
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