Mathematical Physics – Hilary D. Brewster – 1st Edition


Mathematical Physics is an introduction to such basic mathematical structures as groups, vector spaces, topological spaces, measure spaces, and Hilbert space. Geroch uses category theory to emphasize both the interrelationships among different structures and the unity of mathematics.

Perhaps the most valuable feature of the book is the illuminating intuitive discussion of the “whys” of proofs and of aximos and definitions. this book will be especially helpful to those working in theoretical physics, including such areas as relativity, particle physics, and astrophysics.

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  • l. Mathematical Basics - 1
    2. Laplace and Saddle Point Method - 45
    3. Free Fall and Harmonic Oscillators - 67
    4. Linear Algebra - 107
    5. Complex Representations of Functions - 144
    6. Transform Techniques in Physics - 191
    7. Problems in Higher Dimensions - 243
    8. Special Functions - 268

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