Mathematical Methods in Physics – Samuel D. Lindenbaum – 1st Edition


This book comprises a set of class notes in mathematical methods in physics. Normally taken by first year MA or PhD physics majors, the course can be used for senior undergraduates having the requisite mathematics background and majoring in physics, engineering or other technically related fields.
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    1. Vector and tensor analysis.
    2. vector fields.
    3. n-dimensional space.
    4. Hilbert space.
    5. functions of a complex variable.
    6. ordinary and partial differential equations.
    7. Green's functions.
    8. eigenvalue problems.
    9. wave equations.
    10. dispersion theory.
    11. problems with solutions.
    12. representing extensions to the theory.
    13. applications in areas of special relativity.
    14. electromagnetic theory, hydrodynamic heat conduction vibrating membranes.
    15. advanced and retarded d-functions.
    16. and other papers. (Part contents).

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