March’s Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reactions, Mechanisms, and Structure – Michael B. Smith, Jerry March – 6th Edition


The Sixth Edition of a classic in organic chemistry continues its tradition of excellenceNow in its sixth edition, March’s Advanced Organic Chemistry remains the gold standard in organic chemistry.

Throughout its six editions, students and chemists from around the world have relied on it as an essential resource for planning and executing synthetic reactions.

The Sixth Edition brings the text completely current with the most recent organic reactions. In addition, the references have been updated to enable readers to find the latest primary and review literature with ease.

New features include:

  • More than 25,000 references to the literature to facilitate further research
  • Revised mechanisms, where required, that explain concepts in clear modern terms
  • Revisions and updates to each chapter to bring them all fully up to date with the latest reactions and discoveries
  • A revised Appendix B to facilitate correlating chapter sections with synthetic transformations
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  • Preface.
    Biographical Note.

    PART 1.
    Chapter 1. Localized Chemical Bonding.
    Chapter 2. Delocalized Chemical Bonding.
    Chapter 3. Bonding Weaker than Covalent.
    Chapter 4. Stereochemistry.
    Chapter 5. Carbocations, Carbanions, Free Radicals, Carbenes, and Nitrenes.
    Chapter 6. Mechanisms and Methods of Determining Them.
    Chapter 7. Irradiation Processes in Organic Chemistry.
    Chapter 8. Acids and Bases.
    Chapter 9. Effects of Structure on Reactivity.

    PART 2
    Chapter 10. Aliphatic Substitution: Nucleophilic and Organometallic.
    Chapter 11. Aromatic Substituion, Electrophilic.
    Chapter 12. Aliphatic, Alkenyl, and Alkynyl Substitution, Electrophilic and Organometallic.
    Chapter 13. Aromatic Substitution, Nucleophilic and Organometallic.
    Chapter 14. Substitution Reactions: Free Radicals.
    Chapter 15. Addition to Carbon-Carbon Multiple Bonds.
    Chapter 16. Addition to Carbon-Hetero Multiple Bonds.
    Chapter 17. Eliminations.
    Chapter 18. Rearrangements.
    Chapter 19. Oxidations and Reductions.

    Appendix A. The Literature of Organic Chemistry.
    Appendix B. Classification of Reactions by Type of Compound Synthesized Indexes.
    Author Index.
    Subject Index.
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