JQuery and JavaScript (Phrasebook) – Brad Dayley – 1st Edition


jQuery and JavaScript Phrasebook brings together 100+ instantly useful code snippets and idioms for performing a wide spectrum of common web application tasks.

This hands-on guide gets straight to the essence of what’s useful in jQuery and JavaScript, and what you need to know to build new web solutions or migrate existing sites to jQuery.

jQuery & J avaScript Phrasebook presents carefully tested, flexible, adaptable code — all organized for quick lookup and easy use. Coverage ranges from the basics to advanced jQuery capabilities, including jQueryUI widgets and mobile development. Coverage includes:

Basics, including selecting and manipulating HTML elements with jQuery Selector
Dynamically manipulating CSS values
Handling browser and DOM events
Performing validation
Server communication
Positioning web page elements and making them interactive
Using animation and other special effects

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  • 1. Jumping into jQuery, JavaScript, and the world of dtnamic web development
    2. Using the JavaScript language
    3. Interacting with the browser
    4. Accessing HTML elements
    5. Manipulating the jQuery object set
    6. Capturing and using browser and user events
    7. Manipulating web page elements dynamically
    8. Manipulating web page layout dynamically
    9. Dynamically working with form elements
    10. Building web page content dynamically
    11. Adding jQuery UI elements
    12. Animation and other special effects
    13. Using AJAX to communicate with web servers and web service
    14. Implementing mobile web sites with jQuery
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