Head First Ajax – Rebecca M. Riordan – 1st Edition


Ajax is no longer an experimental approach to website development, but the key to building browser-based applications that form the cornerstone of Web 2.0. Head First Ajax gives you an up-to-date perspective that lets you see exactly what you can do — and has been done — with Ajax. With it, you get a highly practical, in-depth, and mature view of what is now a mature development approach.

Using the unique and highly effective visual format that has turned Head First titles into runaway bestsellers, this book offers a big picture overview to introduce Ajax, and then explores the use of individual Ajax components — including the JavaScript event model, DOM, XML, JSON, and more — as it progresses. You’ll find plenty of sample applications that illustrate the concepts, along with exercises, quizzes, and other interactive features to help you retain what you’ve learned.

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  • The JavaScript event model
    Making Ajax requests with XMLHTTPREQUEST objects
    The asynchronous application model
    The Document Object Model (DOM)
    Manipulating the DOM in JavaScript
    Controlling the browser with the Browser Object Model
    XHTML Forms
    POST Requests
    XML Syntax and the XML DOM tree
    XML Requests & Responses
    JSON -- an alternative to XML
    Ajax architecture & patterns
    The Prototype Library
  • Citation

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