Lange’s Handbook of Chemistry – John A. Dean – 15th Edition


Revered as the standard reference for chemists for more than 60 years, this new edition of Lange’s brings chemistry professionals, students, and anyone interested in science an enormous compilation of facts, data, tabular material, and experimental findings in every area of chemistry.

Included in this massive compendium are listings of the properties of approximately 4,000 organic and 1,400 inorganic compounds.

The 15th Edition includes new material on separation methods and analytical chemistry; statistical methods; polymers; rubbers, fats, oils, and waxes; new inorganic compounds; IUPAC nomenclature of organic compounds; updated lists of physical and chemical symbols; definitions and abbreviations; new tables, charts, and illustrations; with SI units used throughout (conversion tables supplied). The American Technical Technologists’ Events magaine said of the last edition of this book, “Bargains are rare in the publication arena but this book represents one… it is just overflowing with useful information that is available at your beck and call.”

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  • Preface to Fourteenth Edition
    Preface to Thirteenth Edition
    Preface to First Edition

    1. Organic Compounds
    2. General Information, Conversion Tables, and Mathematics
    3. Inorganic Chemistry
    4. Properties of Atoms, Radicals, and Bonds
    5. Physical Properties
    6. Thermodynamic Properties
    7. Spectroscopy
    8. Electrolytes, Electromotive Force, and Chemical Equilibrium
    9. Physicochemical Relationships
    10. Polymers, Rubbers, Fats, Oils, and Waxes
    11. Practical Laboratory Information
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