Functions Modeling Change – Connally, Hughes-Hallett – 4th Edition


This text provides a strong foundation to precalculus that focuses on a small number of key topics thereby emphasizing depth of understanding rather than breath of coverage. It provides a solid way to motivate concepts and develop critical thinking skills. The new fourth edition emphasizes functions as models of change. It contains superior exercises and applications that motivate the concepts readers can use to fully grasp precalculus.

New To This Edition:

* Algebraic Skills Refreshers are introduced in two formats, both integrated with the text:
Skills Refresher exercises are included at the start of many exercise sets, identified by S1, S2, etc.
Skills Refresher sections are included at the end of some chapters.

* A new Chapter 3 on Quadratic Functions brings together and expands the material on quadratics in the former Sections 2.6 and 5.5.

* Section 4.4 on Compound Interest and Section 4.5 on the Number e have been reorganized to give instructors more flexibility in deciding how to introduce e.

* Limit Notation has been moved to the end of Section 5.3 to provide additional flexibility in how, or whether, limit notation is introduced.

* A new Section 6.5 on Combining Transformations investigates the effect of varying the order in which transformations are applied to functions and their graphs.

* The material on trigonometry in the former Chapters 6 and 7 has been expanded and reorganized into three chapters, allowing instructors to tailor their approach to the needs of their students.

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  • Chapter 1: Linear Functions and Change
    Chapter 2: Functions
    Chapter 3: Exponential Functions
    Chapter 4: Logarithmic Functions
    Chapter 5: Transformations of Functions and Their Graphs
    Chapter 6: Trigonometric Functions
    Chapter 7: Trigonometry
    Chapter 8: Compositions, Inverses, and Combinations of Functions
    Chapter 9: Polynomial and Rational Functions
    Chapter 10: Vectors
    Chapter 11: Sequences and Series
    Chapter 12: Parametric Equations and Conic Sections
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