Trigonometry – Frank Ayres, Robert E. Moyer – 6th Edition


Fortunately, there are Schaum’s. This all-in-one package includes hundreds of fully solved problems, examples, and practice exercises to sharpen your problem-solving skills. Plus, you’ll have access to 20 detailed videos with math instructors explaining how to solve the most affected problems tested – it’s like having your own virtual tutor! You’ll find everything you need to develop confidence, skills, and knowledge to get the highest possible score.

More than 40 million students have trusted Schaum to help them succeed in the classroom and on tests. Schaum’s is the key to faster learning and better grades in all subjects. Each outline presents all the essential course information in an easy-to-follow format, topic by topic. Helpful tables and illustrations increase your understanding of the topic at hand. Schaum’s trigonometry scheme, sixth edition, presents:

• 620 practice problems with step-by-step solutions
• 218 supplementary problems for knowledge problems
• Concise explanations of all trigonometry concepts.
• Updates that vary the scope and latest sequences of the course, with coverage of periodic features and curve charts.
• Support for all major textbooks for trigonometry courses.
• Access to the revised website with 20 troubleshooting videos and more

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  • A Preface
    sections1 Angles and Applications
    sections2 Trigonometric Functions of a General Angle
    sections3 Trigonometric Functions of an Acute Angle
    sections4 Solution of Right Triangles
    sections5 Practical Applications
    sections7 Variations and Graphs of the Trigonometric Functions
    sections8 Basic Relationships and Identities
    sections9 Trigonometric Functions of Two Angles
    sections10 Sum, Difference, and Product Formulas
    sections11 Oblique Triangles
    sections12 Area of a Triangle
    sections13 Inverses of Trigonometric Functions
    sections14 Trigonometric Equations
    sections15 Complex Numbers
    1 Geometry
    2 Tables
  • Citation

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