Computer Networking – James F. Kurose, Keith W. Ross – 3rd Edition


Revised to reflect the rapid changes in the field of , provides a top-down approach to this study by beginning with applications-level and then working down the protocol stack. An early emphasis is placed on application-layer paradigms and application programming to allow readers to get their “hands-dirty” with protocols and networking concepts in the context of applications they will use in the .

Networking today is much more (and far more interesting) than standards specifying message formats and protocol behaviors. Professors and Ross focus on describing emerging principles in a lively and engaging manner and then illustrate these principles with examples drawn from .

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  • 1. Computer Networks and the Internet.
    2. Application Layer.
    3. Transport Layer.
    4. Networking Layer & Routing.
    5. Link Layer.
    6. Wireless & Mobility.
    7. Multimedia.
    8. Security.
    9. Network Management.
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