Network Analysis And Synthesis – Franklin F. Kuo – 2nd Edition


The book is for the intermediate to advanced student but its not so difficult or convoluted that only graduates can understand it, the writting style is really clear, and the examples are all properly explained. This book is, in many ways, a tour de force of network analysis and synthesis. It covers most of the essential subjects to understand the functioning of modern networks and lays the foundations for the most advanced studies in the various areas. There is a wide use and explanation of mathematics that is essential to understand networks.

It is interesting that Franklin F. Kuo was Van Valkenburg’s PhD student, and both ended up writting some of the best books in the EE field, Kuo is more recognized in the control theory field whilst Van Valkenburg has more material on electrical networks and filters, however with this book in particular I would say that the student surpased the teacher, but I must admitt its not a fair comparison, Van Valkenburg’s book is more like a first course on electric networks, and this book by Kuo is more like the sequel to that book. I must add that Van Valkenburg wrote a book called “Introduction to Modern Network Synthesis” which I havent read, but im looking forward to reading it and see how it compares to this one by Kuo.

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    1. Signals and Systems
    2. Signals and Waveforms
    3. The Frequency Domain: Fourier Analysis
    4. Differential Equations
    5. Network Analysis: I. The Laplace Transform
    6. Transform Methods in Network Analysis
    7. Amplitude, Phase, and Delay
    8. Network Analysis: II
    9. Elements of Realizability Theory
    10. Synthesis of One-Port Networks with Two Kinds of Elements
    11. Elements of Transfer Function Synthesis
    12. Topics in Filter Design
    13. The Scattering Matrix
    14. Computer Techniques in Circuit Analysis
    15. Introduction to Matrix Algebra
    16. Generalized Functions and the Unit Impulse
    17. Elements of Complex Variables
    18. Proofs of Some Theorems on Positive Real Functions
    19. An Aid to the Improvement of Filter Approximation

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